About Jess

Hi. My name is Jess. I am a Southampton, UK based cake decorator. I began making cakes for my family at a very early age. I now specialty is bespoke fondant novelty cakes, however, I do use other mediums depending on the task at hand, and my client's preferences.

I really enjoy making cakes and fitting the cake to the recipient, for example the anemone/clown fish cake was for a marine biologist, the vampire mouth for a Twilight enthusiast, the bouquet cake containing no nuts/gluten/lactose for my sister's wedding including icing flowers matching the colour scheme and the purple octopus was for someone who requested a purple octopus J

I enjoy being creative and like setting myself a challenge. When I am to make a cake, I research into ways other people have made similar cakes and often combined many peoples ideas as well as my own. So I am very happy to share my ideas and hear from anyone who wishes to share theirs. Therefore, whether you want a cake commissioned  or share your own, I would love to hear from you.