About Jess' Fondant Cakes

Jess' Fondant Cakes is a bespoke cake making and decorating service based in Southampton (Hampshire). Jess specialises in fondant novelty cakes, made to individual specifications.

Beginning as purely birthday cake making for friends and family, Jess puts her heart into making each individual cake. You can see some of the cakes she has previously made on Cakes, Cupcakes and Catering Creations pages.

Dietary requirements

Jess has experience in making cakes to fit required dietary requirements, including incorporating multiple allergies/intolerances. For example, she has made cakes for clients with nut allergies, gluten and lactose intolerances, as well as egg and sugar-free preferences.

Why choose Jess's Fondant Cakes?

Jess is passionate about making her cakes personal and is a perfectionist at trying to make her cakes fit the required specification

If you are interested, Jess will be very happy to make a cake for you. Please feel free to contact her with your order or if you require any more information or an answer to a specific questions.

Keep in contact with Jess

If you would like to ask Jess any questions and commission a cake, please feel free to contact Jess and she will get back to you and can provide an accurate quote.

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Jess with her present cake

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